Learning sparks

Dr. Mauricio Mejía participated in the creation of four "learning sparks" at ASU. These are short videos that explain specific concepts in diverse areas of research and practice. Dr. Mejía talked about his work on strategic design, design futures, and designing change.

Designing for Justice: Futures That Serve All. In this video, I discuss the concept of anticipatory justice, which proposes that designers can use futures methods after prototyping to anticipate harms and benefits. https://sparks.learning.asu.edu/videos/anticipatory-justice-in-design-speculation

Unlocking Creativity: The Power of a Design Mindset. I explain how design skills can be used by anyone addressing complex challenges. https://sparks.learning.asu.edu/videos/the-design-mindset-for-transdisciplinary-collaboration

Behavioral Economics & Designing for Change. I argue that the theory of behavioral economics is useful for discrete problems but limited in design's complex situations. https://sparks.learning.asu.edu/videos/behavioral-economics-for-designers

Design for Health: Sustainability & Health Solutions. I discuss different scales of designing change and argue that health and sustainability challenges require different work at all scales. https://sparks.learning.asu.edu/videos/design-for-change-in-health-and-sustainability