Social Isolation Among the Elderly

Preventing Adverse Health Impacts

Completed: 2021
Sponsor: ASU Center for Innovation in Healthy and Resilient Aging - CIHRA
Participants: Older Adults

This project is a study about social isolation of older adults in community dwellings and an exploration of potential design strategies to prevent loneliness during and after the pandemic. Contemporary design approaches such as participatory design and service design are incorporated in the process. Dr. Brad Doebbeling is the Principal Investigator. Other researchers in this project include Aaron Guest, Allie Peckham, Molly Maxfield, Frank Infurna. Transformation Lab collaborators focused on participatory design activities.


  • In-depth interviews
  • Participatory design
  • Observation


  • Mejía, G. M., Guest, M. A., Zheng, W., Peckham, A., Xie, Y., You, Q. & Doebbeling, B. (2023) Who’s Ideating, Prototyping, and Evaluating? A Case Study of Resource-Limited Participatory Design for Health and Aging. Educational Gerontology.