Theory-driven design for behavior change

Aysha Alwazzan's MS thesis

Completed: 2020
Participants: Senior students from graphic design, industrial design and interior design programs.

This is Aysha Alwazzan master's thesis. Although social behavioral theories have been discussed in the realm of design, there is limited knowledge about how designers incorporate behavioral theory in their practice. In this study, we will analyze how senior student designers respond to and incorporate theory into their design ideation process for behavior change. A workshop will be conducted, where theories of behavior change will be introduced to them to use during their ideation process to solve sustainability challenges. Aysha's thesis committee members are Mauricio Mejía (chair), Daniel Fischer, and Al Sanft.


  • Workshop
  • In-depth interviews


  • Alwazzan, A., Mejía, G. M., Xie, Y., & Fischer, D. (2020). Incorporating behavioral theory in design ideation for changing sustainability behaviors. In S. Boess, M. Cheung, & R. Cain (Eds.), Synergy—DRS International Conference 2020.